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About Restaurant General Manager Resumes

Welcome to Perfect Resumes Canada, your trusted resource for crafting impactful restaurant general manager resumes. The role of a restaurant general manager is central to the culinary industry, demanding strong leadership, operational expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of restaurant management. Whether you're an experienced general manager or aspiring to excel in this role, a well-crafted resume is essential to demonstrate your expertise and experience. Explore our restaurant general manager resume examples and discover valuable insights on how to create a resume that effectively showcases your leadership abilities and commitment to restaurant excellence.

Salary Details for Restaurant General Managers

Salaries for restaurant general managers in Canada can vary widely based on factors such as the size and type of restaurant, location, and experience. On average, restaurant general managers can earn between $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year. Upscale restaurants, fine dining establishments, and larger chains often offer higher salaries.

Key Skills for Restaurant General Manager Resumes

  1. Leadership: Highlight your ability to lead and manage restaurant staff to provide exceptional service and achieve business goals.
  2. Restaurant Operations: Emphasize your in-depth knowledge of restaurant operations, including staffing, inventory control, and budget management.
  3. Customer Service: Showcase your commitment to ensuring a positive dining experience for guests.
  4. Financial Management: Demonstrate your capacity to manage budgets, control costs, and maximize profitability.
  5. Problem-Solving: Highlight your skills in addressing challenges, resolving issues, and maintaining a smoothly operating restaurant.

Role and Responsibility of a Restaurant General Manager

The role of a restaurant general manager encompasses numerous responsibilities:

  • Overseeing all aspects of restaurant operations, including front-of-house and back-of-house functions.
  • Managing staff, hiring and training employees, and ensuring a high level of performance.
  • Implementing effective financial management strategies, including budgeting and cost control.
  • Ensuring the quality and consistency of service, food, and overall guest experience.
  • Developing and executing business strategies to achieve revenue and profitability targets.
  • Complying with food safety and health regulations and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Do's and Dont's for Restaurant General Manager Resumes


  • Customize your resume: Tailor your resume to match the specific restaurant general manager position you're applying for.
  • Highlight leadership achievements: Showcase instances where you improved staff performance, increased revenue, or enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Include relevant certifications: Mention certifications in restaurant management, food safety, or leadership.


  • Exaggerate skills: Be truthful about your abilities and experience as a restaurant general manager.
  • Neglect proofreading: Typos and errors can detract from your professionalism; proofread your resume carefully.
  • Include unrelated personal information: Focus on professional details; avoid sharing personal or irrelevant information.

FAQ's for Restaurant General Manager Resumes

  1. How can I demonstrate my ability to manage and oversee complex restaurant operations on my resume?
    • Describe situations where you successfully managed various aspects of restaurant operations, including staff, budgeting, and customer service.
  2. Is it beneficial to include specific achievements related to revenue growth, cost control, or improvements in restaurant ratings on my resume?
    • Yes, quantifiable achievements can highlight your impact as a general manager and contribute to the restaurant's success.
  3. Should I mention my availability for flexible hours or the ability to handle long workdays on my resume?
    • Yes, indicating your willingness to adapt to the demands of the restaurant industry can be important for employers.
  4. What's the significance of collaborating with executive management in a restaurant general manager role?
    • Highlight your ability to work closely with executive management to implement business strategies and achieve organizational goals.
  5. Can I include my commitment to sustainability and local sourcing in restaurant operations on my resume?
    • Yes, emphasizing your dedication to sustainability and local sourcing can demonstrate your alignment with modern dining trends.

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